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Our Products

Unrivaled International Standard Products at Reasonable Prices!

Our products are exclusively modeled to create maximum efficiency allowing our clients unmatched steam potential without occupying too much space. This allows installation of our systems in compact / tight areas, without compromising our machines capabilities.

To assure potential clients of the proficiency and advanced quality of the machinery behind our products, we have conducted tests using X-Rays, Heat Treatment and Hydro Tests on our water drums. We are proud to say that these tests have shown that our systems were able to successfully produce results 1.5 times greater than the capabilities according to its specifications.

What We Do - Our Products:

Yu Fong International Co., Ltd offers a wide variety of products and services related to Steam and Thermo Oil Boilers and their accessories.

Our uniquely designed and unrivaled machinery come preinstalled with Economizers such as Exhaust based Preheating systems that recycle heat generated in the exhausts of our boiler systems, contributing to energy efficiency and thereby lower operating costs, as well as contributing to a greener environment.

What's more, our boilers come installed with state of the art dust collectors, such as Multi Cyclone dust collectors and Wet Scrubber dust-trapping systems. We also provide cutting edge Fly Ash Releasing Systems with our products. Keeping in line with current environmental standards our products contribute to pollution reduction and its effective management.